Sunday, 31 July 2016      

CIAJ's Past Annual Conferences

2015 Saskatoon Aboriginal Peoples and Law - "We Are All Here to Stay" Justice Georgina Jackson
2014 St. John's Privacy in the Age of Information Chief Justice J. Derek Green
2013 Toronto How Do We Know What We Think We Know:  Facts in the Legal System Chief Justice Annemarie Bonkalo, Ms. Ronalda Murphy, Justice Gladys Pardu, Mr. Paul Schabas
2012 Calgary The Courts and Beyond:  The Architecture of Justice in Transition Mr. Greg Harding, Q.C., Justice Sheilah Martin, Mr. Alastair Lucas, Q.C., Ms. Gillian Marriott, Q.C.
2011 Montreal Terrorism, Law & Democracy:  10 years after 9/11 Justice Richard Mosley, Judge Dominique Larochelle, Mr. Bernard Grenier
2010 Vancouver Sentencing and Corrections:  Sentencing Theory Meets Practice Justice Lance S.G. Finch (Honorary Chair), Justice Elizabeth Bennett, Professor Anthony Doob, Mr. E. David Crossin Q.C.
2009 Ottawa Taking Remedies Seriously Ms. Janice Payne, Professor Kent Roach, Justice Robert Sharpe.
2008 Quebec City Reasonable Accommodation and the Role of the State: A Democratic Challenge Justice Michèle Rivet, Vice-Dean Christian Brunelle, Me Jocelyn Rancourt.
2007 Halifax Doing Justice: Dispute Resolution in the Courts and Beyond Mr. John Mark Keyes, Justice Joel Fichaud, Prof. Ronalda Murphy, Mr. Ron Pink, Q.C.
2006 Vancouver Sustainable Development and the Law: People - Environment - Culture Justice Bruce Cohen, Judge Thérèse Alexander, Prof. Shi-Ling Hsu
2005 Toronto Technology, Privacy and Justice Prof Lisa Austin, Justice Joseph Kenkel, Justice Fran Kiteley, Mr. Gavin MacKenzie, Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart
2004 La Malbaie Governance of Public Institutions, Professions, Corporations, Tribunals and Courts: Ethics, Responsibility and Independence Mr. Pierre Cimon, Q.C., Justice Michèle Lacroix, Prof. Denis Lemieux
2003 Banff Participatory Justice in a Global Economy: The New Rule of Law? Dean Patricia Hughes, Justice Rosemary Nation, Mr. Michael I. Wylie
2002 Hull Dialogues about Justice: The Public, Legislators, Courts and the Media Justice James B. Chadwick, Prof. Nathalie Des Rosiers, Dean Bruce Feldthusen, Prof. Ruth Sullivan
2001 Halifax Citizenship and Citizen Participation in the Administration of Justice Professor Stephen G. Coughlan, Justice F.B. William Kelly, Dean Dawn Russell
2000 Victoria Science, Truth and Justice Dean Joost Blom, Justice Robert W. Metzger, Justice Gina M. Quijano
1999 Quebec City The Judiciary as Third Branch of Government: Manifestations and Challenges to Legitimacy Professor Ghislain Otis, Justice Thérèse Rousseau-Houle
1998 Saskatoon Justice To Order: Adjustment to Changing Demands and Co-ordination Issues in the Justice System in Canada Justice Nicholas W.Sherstobitoff, Justice Gene Anne Smith
1997 Toronto The Administration of Justice in Commercial Disputes Dean Marilyn L. Pilkington, Justice James M. Spence
1996 Halifax Human Rights in the 21st Century: Prospects, Institutions and Processes Prof. Thomas A. Cromwell, Justice Jamie W.S. Saunders
1995 Banff Public Perceptions of the Administration of Justice Dean Sheilah L. Martin, Justice Bonnie L. Rawlins
1994 Ottawa Open Justice Justice Alice Desjardins, Prof. Diane Labelle
1993 Vancouver Filtering and Analyzing Evidence in an Age of Diversity Justice Carol M. Huddart, Prof. Marilyn T. MacCrimmon
1992 Montreal Culture, Justice and Law Prof. François Chevrette, Judge Michèle Rivet
1991 St. Andrews Work, Unemployment and Justice by the Sea Mr. Michel Bastarache, Justice Margaret E.L. Larlee
1990 Toronto Health Care, Ethics and Law Dr. Bernard M. Dickens, Justice Horace Krever
1989 Kananaskis Discrimination in the Law and the Administration of Justice Justice John D. Bracco, Dean Timothy D. Christian
1988 Halifax Law and the Environment: Problems of Risk And Uncertainty Dean Innis Christie, Justice R. MacLeod Rogers