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Conference Title rightarrow Changing Punishment at the Turn of the Century: Finding a Common Ground 
Date rightarrow September 26 - 29, 1999 
Co-Chairs rightarrow Justice David P. Cole, Professor Kent Roach
Venue rightarrow Saskatoon
No. Title Author(s) # Pages Price
SP38 Changing Punishment at the Turn of the Century: An Overview of the Issues Kent Roach 7 $2.45
SP39 The Development of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act Alison MacPhail 17 $5.95
SP40 Official Language: Politics and the Archambault Report, 1938 Allan Manson N/A N/A
SP41 A New Approach to the Punishment of Crime in Canada James William Gouck 5 $1.75
SP42 To Punish Differently: From Affirmation to Action Daniel Jacoby 16 $5.60
SP43 Punir autrement: de l'affirmation à l'action Daniel Jacoby 16 $5.60
SP44 La transformation du rôle des tribunaux dans la détermination de la peine Céline Pelletier 26 $9.10
SP45 Has the Role of Judges in Sentencing Changed…Or Should It? Tim Quigley 28 $9.80
SP46 Crime, Shame and Reintegration John Braithwaite 17 $5.95

Le pardon, une valeur de justice et d'espoir, un plaidoyer pour la tolérance et contre l'oubli
(Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Vol. 42, No 3, July, 2000, pp 299-322 / Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale, vol.42, no 3, juillet 2000, pp 299-322)

Hélène Dumont    
SP48 Changing Punishment for Aboriginal Peoples of Canada James [Sa'ke'j] Youngblood Henderson 25 $8.75
SP49 Community Based Justice Initiatives of Saskatoon Tribal Council Yvonne Boyer 10 $3.50
SP50 Punishment at the Turn of the Century: The RCMP Perspective Cleve Cooper and Jharna Chatterjee 17 $5.95

Transforming the Punishment Environment: Understanding Public Views of What Should be Accomplished at Sentencing

Anthony N. Doob 20 $7.00
SP52 Transforming the Punishment Environment Jan Turner 10 $3.50
SP53 From Punishment to Healing Nancy Stableforth 8 $2.80

Sentencing Within a Restorative Justice Paradigm: Procedural Implications of R. v. Gladue

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond 17 N/A
SP55 De la boulimie à l'anorexie carcérale ou de la punition à la prévention Lucie Lemonde 20 $7.00
SP56 Re-Framing Parole John W. Conroy 31 $10.85
SP57 Reframing Parole Willie Gibbs 5 $1.75
SP58 Thoughts on a Historical Curiosity: Jeremy Bentham and Panopticon Beth Bilson 9 $3.15
SP59 Changing Punishment Ole Ingstrup 6 $2.10
SP60 Punir Autrement Ole Ingstrup 7 $2.45
SP61 From Punishment to Healing Jonathan Rudin 8 $2.80